Bell House Fitness – Lifting




For load:

10 reps (105%)

12 reps (100%)

14 reps (95%)

– Rest 3:00

Warm-up (No Measure)


Welcome to week 4 of the Mechanics lifting cycle in which we are focused on building the base for our strength development.

Today we are working off of our 20-rep max that we found in Week 1. Take the load of your 20-rep max and multiply it by the percentages in today’s lifting session. This will determine your loads for each set.

Each set is meant to be unbroken. Feel free to rest at the top of the deadlift, but once the bar hits the ground, it should come right back up.

Rest about 3:00 between sets.

Look for next week’s percentages to go up and the reps to stay the same.

In Accessory – I, use the heaviest pair of KBs possible with which you can perform the entire 1:00 hold unbroken. This should be challenging, but manageable.

On the sumo-stance good mornings, use an empty barbell on the first set. Then you may add weight as long as the reps stay unbroken and snappy.


3 sets:

1:00 bike, row, SkiErg, or run

10 staggered-stance good mornings/leg

10 leg swings/leg (front and back)

10 alternating Cossack squats

1 set:

10 deadlifts (35/45 lb)

5 deadlifts (add 10-45 lb to each side)

5 deadlifts (add 10-45 lb to each side)

5 deadlifts (add 10-45 lb to each side)

– Your next weight should be your starting weight.


4 sets for load:

1:00 KB front-rack hold

15 sumo-stance good mornings