Bell House Fitness – Lifting




Every :30 for 10 sets:

3 shoulder-to-overheads (50%)

1 set:

12 shoulder-to-overheads (50%) (unbroken)

10 shoulder-to-overheads (53%) (unbroken)

8 shoulder-to-overheads (57%) (unbroken)

6 shoulder-to-overheads (60%) (unbroken)

Warm-up (No Measure)


In today’s main lift, we are focused on barbell cycling and stamina with light to moderate loads.

In the first portion of the workout, the 3 shoulder-to-overhead reps are meant to be unbroken and fast. Three reps should take no longer than :10 to complete, which gives you :20 to rest before the next set. If you are finishing 2 reps in :05-:06, you are really moving this weight. Great work!

In the second portion of the workout, each of the sets should be unbroken. This is not for time, so rest as long as you need between sets. Do not pick up the bar for the next set if you don’t think you can go unbroken. The focus of the workout and the cycle will be defeated if you break up the reps.

All reps should be performed as a push press or push jerk.

In Accessory I, perform a strict press in your split jerk stance for 8 reps. Find a weight and stay there for all 5 sets — don’t build. The purpose of this movement is to build strength and balance in the split-stance position. This will help when we perform heavier split jerks. Focus on not allowing your back knee to straighten as you press the bar overhead. Maintain the split-jerk stance for the entire 8 reps.


3 sets:

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

5 piked push-ups

10 bent-over T-raises

10 standing snow-angel raises

1 set:

5 shoulder-to-overheads (35/45 lb)

5 shoulder-to-overheads (30%)

3 shoulder-to-overheads (40%)

2 shoulder-to-overheads (50%)

2 shoulder-to-overheads (60%)

– Take weight out of a rack.


5 sets for load:

8 presses in split-jerk stance

20 banded pull-aparts