Bell House Fitness – Lifting



4 sets for quality:

6 x 3-position pause back squat

– Rest 3:00 between sets.

Warm-up (No Measure)


This week is a sort of de-load/ mix-up week between cycles. Expect to see different takes on classic lifts to help the body recover while still introducing new stimuli.

For the 3-position pause back squat, pause just above parallel on the way down, at the bottom, and then again at just above parallel on the way up all in one rep.

The pause should only be for :01-:02 seconds. It doesn’t need to be a long pause, just a discernible stop in motion.

Build in load starting around 40-50% of your 1-rep max back squat. The goal is to make small jumps while focusing on control in quality positions. By your fourth set, you should feel like you’re getting good work done, but have plenty of weight left in tank.


2-3 sets:

:45 row (easy)

:45 row (hard)

:10 samson stretch/leg

8 split squats/leg

5 inchworm + 1 push-up/rep

5 counterbalance plate squats

1 set:

5 3-position pause back squats (35/45 lb)

4 3-position pause back squats (light)

3 3-position pause back squats (add 10-25 lb/side)

– Your next weight should be your starting weight.


5 sets for time:

5 burpees

10 DB lunges (35/50 lb)

5 burpees

10 DB squats (35/50 lb)

– Rest :30 between sets

– Use a pair of DBs