Bell House Fitness – Lifting



Front squat:

Every 1:15 x 9 sets:

4 front squat (50%)

Warm-up (No Measure)


Today is the second week in our third cycle. We will focus on consistency and speed with submaximal loads.

Base the percentages on a recent 1-rep max.

While the weight is not very heavy in today’s session, remember the intention of this cycle: focus on the quality of movement while moving as quickly as possible. If you are moving “fast” and your technique deteriorates, then you are moving too fast.

With today’s front squats, think about leading with your elbows out of the bottom of each squat. Heels down, elbows up!!!

In Accessory – I, Use a pair of DBs or KBs to add load to the box step-ups. Increase load across as many sets as possible.

On the single-leg GHD hip extensions, move the foot platform back to make the movement easier. The more your hips are on the large pad, the easier the movement will be.

Rest as needed between sets.


2 sets:

1:00 jump rope

10 spiderman stretch

10 counterbalance squats

5 wall squats

1 set:

10 front squats (35/45 lb)

10 front squats (25%)

8 front squats (35%)

5 front squats (45%)

– Finish the warm-up with 5 reps slightly heavier than what will be used for your working sets, then drop the load.


3 sets:

10 single-leg GHD hip extensions/leg

5 weighted box step-ups/leg (20 in)