Bell House Fitness – Lifting



Every 1:30 x 8 sets:

3 push press (60%)

Warm-up (No Measure)


Today is the third week in our third cycle. We will focus on consistency and speed with submaximal loads.

Base the percentages on a recent 1-rep max.

While the weight is not very heavy in today’s session, remember the intention of this cycle: focus on the quality of movement while moving as quickly as possible. If you are moving “fast” and your technique deteriorates, then you are moving too fast.

With today’s push press, think about keeping the barbell in contact with the shoulders while you are in the dip-drive phase. On the return, think about pulling the bar back to the shoulders and then into the bottom of the dip.

In Accessory – I, the goal is to move through the 30 reps as quickly as possible. Use a weight on the DB bench with which you can perform at least 5-reps before breaking. Drive the DBs to the sky and focus on a solid lockout on each rep. The push-ups will get hard, but the goal is to finish the reps in as few sets as possible. Both of these movements will help strengthen and stabilize your shoulder-to-overhead.


3 sets:

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

5 piked push-ups

10 bent-over T-raises

10 standing snow-angel raises

1 set:

10 push press (35/45 lb)

8 push press (30%)

6 push press (40%)

3 push press (50%)

3 push press (60%)

– Take weight out of a rack.


Every 3:00 for 5 sets:

For load and speed:

10 DB bench presses

20 push-ups