Bell House Fitness – Lifting



Every 2:00 x 5 sets:

10 deadlifts (50%)

– Perform reps unbroken and AFAP.

Warm-up (No Measure)


This is the 6th week in our 3rd cycle of the year.

Focus on moving lighter loads as quickly as possible for all movements. Our goal is to develop speed!

Perform 5 sets of 10 deadlifts at 50%. The loads should be lighter, so the goal is to move them as fast as possible (AFAP). Expect the loads to get heavier each week, but aim to keep the speed of your reps the same.

In Accessory – I, see the video below for the GHD glute hamstring raises.

* Use a DB or medicine ball to add weight to the sit-ups. Feel free to increase the load with each set.

* On the banded side steps, keep your feet far enough apart that you can keep tension on the band the entire time. Double looping the band may help.

* GHD glute hamstring raise


1 set:

2:00 bike

10 inchworms

10 supermen

10 side-plank reaches/side

10 good mornings (empty barbell or training bar)

10 bent-over rows (empty barbell or training bar)

2:00 bike

1 set:

10 deadlifts (empty barbell or training bar)

10 deadlifts (30%)

10 deadlifts (40%)


4 sets:

12 GHD glute hamstring raises

15 weighted sit-ups

20 banded side steps (moving right)

20 banded side steps (moving left)