10 General Physical Skills


10 General Physical Skills

by Blair Agan

On October 1st, 2002… Greg Glassman released the “What is Fitness” article and changed everything. The fitness industry we know today spawned out of the CrossFit movement. Small gyms, group classes, and boutique gyms became more popular and accessible for the general population. I will post a link to read his full article at the bottom of the page. Glassman makes an argument for fitness using three models. One of the models is the 10 General Physical Skills. Today’s blog post is going to cover each of these skills, how we can improve them, and why we need to care.

These ten skills can be improved by taking classes at Bellhouse CrossFit. You want to steadily increase your capacity at all ten skills over time. The goal of health and welllness is to be well rounded. You are a formidable human being, not just a strong person… or a fast person. Here are the ten skills.

Cardiorespiratory endurance- can your body process and deliver oxygen

Stamina- how well does your body use energy

Strength- the ability of a muscle to apply force

Flexibility- the ability to move a joint in the desired range of motion

Power- the ability of a muscle to maximally contract and produce force

Speed- how quickly you can cycle an exercise

Coordination- combining multiple movements in one exercise

Agility- minimizing transition times from one movement pattern to another

Balance- controlling yourself in space

Accuracy- control of movement in any direction with intensity

The first four skills are considered “hardware.” They are the show off skills that get worked on in the gym during a workout. The last four skills are considered “software.” These are practiced with a low heart rate during skill work. The middle skills, power and speed, are practiced alongside all the others.

It is important to differentiate and categorize the ten skills so you know how to work on them. Now I will list the skills again with examples of how to improve.

Cardiorespiratory endurance- complete at least ten minutes of running, rowing, or biking

Stamina- complete intervals of cardio exercises such as jump rope, burpees, or running

Strength- work out with medium sets and medium reps such as 5×5 back squat

Flexibilty- contract your muscle while stretching for at least 90 seconds

Power- my personal favorite is glute bridges and broad jumps

Speed- having the proper mechanics and consistency to repeat air squats

Coordination- toes to bar is a great example with using hips and shoulders to move the body

Agility- a burpee workout is a good example with cycling reps and moving the body in space

Balance- think one legged squats or holding dumbbells over head

Accuracy- think hips going below parallel for fast squats, or the rope passing under the feet on double unders

As you improve in these skills over time, you will also see your fitness improve. It is our hope for you at Bellhouse CrossFit to see results. We want you to care about all ten because they help you become well rounded. Having a weakness in any area is going to decrease your performance. It may also affect your health. What good does it do you to have strong muscles, but no range of motion? Do you have any questions or want to know more about the 10 General Physical Skills? Reach out to Coach Blair by emailing [email protected] to schedule a no sweat consultation! Hope to hear from you soon.

Link to read Greg Glassman’s “What is Fitness” article https://journal.crossfit.com/article/what-is-fitness