Boogie Russell Nutrition Transformation


Boogie Russell Nutrition Transformation

Allow me to introduce you to Boogie Russell. 

Boogie is a nutrition client at Bellhouse CrossFit. He started working out in Spring 2021 to battle his clinically diagnosed depression and anxiety. 

The World Health Organization claims 10% of adults worldwide have depression and anxiety. It is a crippling condition that makes you unmotivated, paralyzed, angry, and sad to name a few symptoms. While there is not a cure for depression and anxiety, there are ways you can mitigate and find ways to lessen the effects.

Exercise and healthy eating has helped Boogie control his depression and anxiety.

Boogie attends the 6:30am class at Bellhouse CrossFit. You know he is there when you see the gray crocs in the cubbies. You know he is driving his Camaro when you hear the engine rev down Bob Smith Rd. Boogie has become a staple member of the class, and even though he has recently become a proud father of a newborn son… he is making all the effort to keep attending. 

On day one, Boogie weighed 226 pounds. He worked hard, exercised with consistency, and modified the workouts appropriately to see results. 

Boogie decided he wanted to take his health journey a step further and commit to nutrition coaching. On day one of nutrition coaching, Boogie weighed in at 218 pounds and 24% body fat.

Boogie honestly logged his foods, watched his calories, and ate cleaner. One day at a time, one week at a time, and one month at a time the results began to show. 

There were weeks when Boogie’s nutrition coach was asking, “What happened this weekend?” 

Eating heathy and committing to nutrition coaching doesn’t mean you will lose weight. You have to be accountable, do the hard work, and remain disciplined with the diet. There are fluctuations. There will be days with setbacks. There will be days with confusion and feeling frustrated. 

Overall, the goal is to create healthy habits. Healthy habits that will stick with you for a lifetime! Healthy habits of eating more fruits and veggies, less processed foods, and eating because you are hungry; not because you are bored.

After three months of persistent tracking and learning about healthy habits, Boogie weighed in at 186 pounds and 15% body fat.

That is a weight loss of 20 pounds and 9% body fat! 20 pounds in three months. 30 pounds altogether from when Boogie began CrossFit classes at Bellhouse CrossFit.

Boogie is still working with his nutrition coach and has more goals in mind. The next step is to heal from a recent injury, continue to cut towards his goal weight of 180 pounds and 12% body fat, and complete sets on the bar muscle up.

If you come by the 6:30am class and see the gray crocs in the cubbies, give Boogie a fist bump and congratulations on his weight loss journey so far. 

We are all on a heath journey. It is a lifestyle. There will be ups and downs. There will be leaps forwards and days we go backwards. That is normal. You are not a robot. With the right coaching, the right plan, and some discipline… you can also meet your goals. Whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle, or preparing for some sport or competition… the coaches at Bellhouse CrossFit are prepared and ready to help you. 

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By Blair Agan

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