Bootcamp/Sweat Class

Bootcamp/Sweat Class


Our Bellhouse sweat class is similar to our CrossFit class but without the use of Barbells. In Sweat, we focus on burning fat while increasing Cardio endurance, core strength, and flexibility. This is a great start to someone who is just looking to start getting in shape and burning some calories. These classes are 45 minutes long and include a warm-up, Sweaty workout, and a cool down.

Constantly Varied, Functional movements executed at high intensity.

We offer a Coach led, group training environment where classes are kept small in order to allow every athlete to get the attention needed to improve their skills.

The classes last and hour and typically include a warm-up, Skill or strength session and the “WOD” or “Workout of the day”.

Every day is different in our CrossFit classes. We do anything from running, rowing, biking, jumping rope, weightlifting, lifting odd objects, and lots of different bodyweight stuff!

We use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, medicine balls, Concept rowers, echo bikes, and boxes.

This isn’t your standard “Globo” gym environment. When you walk into our gym your instantly part of the Bellhouse Family. Classes are anywhere from 5:00am all the way to 7:30pm. Pick a time, grab a friend, and come try out your Addiction.

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