Can I bike?


Can I bike?

Yes, odds are that you can bike. We use the Rogue Echo bike here at Bellhouse CrossFit. It has a steel fan that is powered by your pedaling. There is no change to the resistance on this bike like the rower offers. The ease or difficulty of pedaling is entirely dependent on your fitness level. 

We have weekly workouts that utilize the fan bike. Sometimes members will opt for the rower or the run depending on how they are feeling. We recommend members to listen to their body and the coach when determining what machine to use for that day. 

This question came from a member with an injury. Running and rowing seem to be hurting but the bike feels okay. We recommend movement and exercise to continue blood flow. That will help any strained muscle heal naturally. Of course we want you to listen to your body and adjust anything if it hurts. No working through pain!

You can bike when your lower back hurts on the rower or running. You can bike if you have an ankle injury. You can bike if pulling the rower handle hurts your shoulders. There are a variety of things we can do in the gym to help you get back on the road towards your fitness goals and recovery. 

Lastly, when you choose to bike, pay attention to your cadence. The cadence increasing or decreasing across the workout will indicate your pace. Let’s say we have a workout that is calling for 15 calories. A cadence of 70 on the bike will take you 45 seconds to complete. A cadence of 60 will take you 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete. A cadence of 50 will take 2 minutes to complete. If the workout has a certain stimulus, meaning that the work needs to be done in a certain amount of time… then decrease the number of calories so you can move on the next exercise!