How to Eat Healthy


How to Eat Healthy

by Blair Agan

    There are three categories of food.




    These categories do not mix. If food comes in a package, or is made in a factory then it is processed. If food comes from the ground, it is a plant. If food comes from a living animal, it is a protein. These are the basics.

    As much as possible, eat plants and protein. If you can manage that, you will see weight loss, body fat reduction, improved mood and sleep, and increased muscle mass. Your body craves real food. It was made to eat real food. Over the years we have confused our body with processed foods.

    Processed foods are not the enemy. Our choice to eat processed foods is. That means we need to be intentional about fueling our body. 

    When you acknowledge that processed food is not real food, then you are on the road towards health. Nutrition is the bottom of the pyramid of health. We have to understand what goes into our body in order to fuel our body for everything you want to do in life. Fueling on tortilla chips is different from fueling on baked potato. Fueling on microwave dinosaur chicken nuggets is different from fueling on cage-free chicken eggs. 

    Plants and protein are packed with micronutrients you need. Processed foods are packed with calories. Calories are a number. They control the weight we gain or lose. A sustainable diet is the diet you can see yourself eating in one year from now. Plants and protein also help us feel better. They regulate our hormones and give us the variety needed of vitamins and minerals to operate optimally.

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