How to Workout with an Injury


How to Workout with an Injury

    Injuries are part of life. We are not robots. Let me remind you… YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT! It can be easy to believe you are impervious to disease, infection, food poisoning, and muscle aches. These unfavorable conditions happen to everyone. An injury may be more than a broken bone or strained muscle. An injury is any ailment that causes you to modify your routine from the baseline.

    In our group classes at Bellhouse CrossFit, it is your responsibility to communicate with your coach about any injuries you have. At the beginning of class, the coach asks, “Does anyone have any new aches or pains? Please let me know before the warmup.” This is your chance to figure out the plan for that day. Sometimes you have a stomach ache from what you ate before the workout, so the coach may modify some full body movements so that you do not hurl. Another example may be you have a sore muscle from the prior workout. The coach could modify the movement to target another muscle group. You might have drank the day before so intensity needs to be decreased. Check in with coach for how to dial in the workout.

    You can workout with an injury. It takes some imagination, creativity, and the expertise of your Bellhouse coach. We are trained to work with clients who have injuries. For example, let’s say you strain your adductor. The adductor is the muscle group on your inner thigh, most commonly associated with your groin. If you have pulled your adductor muscle, then squats may be out of the question. How can we still work the legs and lower back without squatting? Your coach may prescribe you to hinge. Lunges, Kettlebell Swings, and Good Mornings are a few examples. Maybe the coach will give you another muscle group to target such as banded glute bridges. This is just one example we see in the gym.

    We also offer personal training for injuries and bulletproofing for your fine self. Ask a coach you feel comfortable with to help. Our work culture requires a lot of sitting. This leads to back issues, rounded shoulders, and poor posture. Add in some intensity before you master the mechanics, and you find yourself with an injury. Take the time to learn the movements during class before working out fast. We can master the mechanics and even learn new exercises during personal training. It may be the option that is right for you.

    Lastly, working out with an injury helps you stay realistic. Our ancestors did not quit hunting or gathering food when they received an injury. They needed to move! You can move too. In fact, moving and exercising is the fastest path to heal injuries. The method of RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is incorrect. The guy, Gabe Mirkin who came up with RICE even said, “Sorry, I was wrong.” The new method is MEAT (Movement, Exercise, Analgesics, Treatment). To learn more about Dr. Mirkin, check out this article…

So come on by Bellhouse CrossFit, and learn how to move your body safely, even with an injury. Email [email protected] to schedule a personal training session.