Sleep vs. Exercise: Which is more important?


Sleep vs. Exercise: Which is more important?

Hello and welcome to our first “Ask Me Anything“ blog post! We will be publishing these every other Friday. Be sure to check in on those other weeks to see a Member Transformation article! These questions can be submitted to Bellhouse CrossFit via email, our Prayer Requests and Comments box at the gym, or during the story that we post on Wednesdays. Now… lets get to answering the question for this week.

When we workout, we are tearing and breaking down our muscles. Think of the body as a hard boiled egg that is cracking throughout the day. When you go to the gym, go to work, experience the day’s stressors, up until we fall asleep the egg shell is cracking. Once we sleep and wake the next day, however, the egg shell has put itself back together. It is now a whole egg again. 

The questions to ask is how do I choose what is best for my body? Should I sleep or go to the gym?

Imagine that you are consistently pushing your body in the gym. Let’s say you have a goal of improving your metcons. In order to see results, you have to exercise. Here at Bellhouse CrossFit we believe that results from exercise are going to come from your hard work and smart recovery. Smart recovery includes getting enough sleep. How much is enough? Studies have shown that 7-9 hours of sleep is adequate for adults that are exercising regularly. 

It can be difficult to prioritize sleep. It is really important to make time for it. Here is the clincher. They are both important. If you are not sleeping enough to recover from your workouts, then you are putting your body in a fatigued state and a risk of injury. Here at Bellhouse CrossFit, it is our goal for you to see results. Our focus is not just on the workouts in the gym, but your overall health. Sometimes you may need to get in a nap, or take a couple more hours to snooze so that your body gets the adequate recovery needed to take full advantage of the previous day’s workout. 

Let us help you keep your body from cracking and build a strong egg shell. Next steps? Schedule a time to come in, see our gym, and meet a coach. If you are wanting a change in your life and do not know where to begin, click here.