Teen Strength & Conditioning Camp


Teen Strength & Conditioning Camp

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June 14th to August 5th Bellhouse CrossFit will have a 12 to 17 year old strength & conditioning camp. Classes will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12pm to 1pm at the gym. On Thursdays, we will meet at specific spots around Baytown to practice a skill or sport. Thursdays are also about having fun. The teenage group needs to have a mix of discipline and fun in their workout routines.

Group classes will be coach led. You can rest assured that your teen will learn proper lifting techniques for a variety of exercises. Just to name a few… Bulgarian split squat, dumbbell front squats, overhead press, strict pull ups, deadlifts, and hang power cleans. There are dozens more. The daily class will consist of a warm up, teaching, and group workout. They are very similar to how we run adult population classes, but the workouts and stimulus will be very different. 

At the age of your child, exposure to many stimuli will create adaptation. The last thing to do during the summer is to dedicate all the time towards a specific skill. Youth excel when learning multiple skills at once. It is part of their training age. The brain is still developing and their body can adapt much more quickly than an adult. 

The price of the summer camp will be $210 per month or $400 if paid completely up front. You can register online by messaging [email protected]

You may also fill out our Google Form Here and we will create a profile for your child then send you the waiver to fill out. You must set up a time with Chris to pay at the gym or over the phone.

We are so excited to offer this opportunity for the youth of this area! Our professional coaching staff is happy to welcome you and your teen to this program. Parents are welcome to stay and watch during the hour, or to drop off their teen and leave. Your daughter or son will have excellent feedback on their lifting form, build healthy movement habits, understand whole health, and make some friends. We look forward to meeting you!