What does foam rolling do?


What does foam rolling do?

Foam rolling is also known as self myofascial release. SMR, for short, is a technique used to relieve stress in our bodies. We carry a lot of soreness and tightness around due to the workouts in CrossFit. If you do not take the time to care for your body, then it will get mad at you. 

Our foam rollers are located to the left of the garage doors upon walking in. They are in a wicker basket against the wall. You are welcome to use them before or after class. Some members even grab one to use during the down time in a class! I encourage you to try it, especially if you have any soreness in your body.

Start with the back of your legs. Target the calves, then the hamstrings, then the glutes, then the thoracic spine. Hit these four areas on your posterior side by spending at least one minute on each. When you put the foam roller under a muscle, you want to roll for just a moment. Roll until you find a tight spot, then put as much pressure as you can breathe into that spot. Hold for one minute before moving on. Anything less than a minute is not allowing your body to relax.

Golgi Tendon Organs, or GTOs is the mechanism in your body that foam rolling is trying to release. They need at least a minute to activate. Normally, GTOs are the mechanisms that prevent you from over stretching. When you foam roll, you want to tell the GTOs that it is okay to stretch. It is okay to roll. It is okay to receive a massage on that tender spot. 

After completing the posterior side, move to the anterior, or the front of your body. Hit the quads and the belly. You begin by rolling onto your quads for a moment. Find the sweet spot. Breathe and place as much pressure as you can into the sweet spot. After a minute, move on.

You can complete these foam rolling techniques at home too! Just go buy a roller from Amazon or Target and try it out. If you ever have any questions about self myofascial release or want some additional coaching, reach out to a staff at Bellhouse CrossFit. We would love to schedule a personal coaching session with you, or just give you some advice after a workout.