What is a Member Check-In?


What is a Member Check-In?

At Bellhouse CrossFit, we aren’t just here to sell memberships… we are here to get our members results. One way we make this happen is through Member Check-Ins. These are done once a quarter, and are 15-20 minute meetings with your coach. During this time, we check on progress made and the direction we hope to see in the future. Our coaches take this very seriously and work with you to create a road map toward your specific goals. 

Member Check-Ins typically start with an In-Body scan. Bellhouse owns an In-body 570 scanner kept here on site. We use this medical grade scanner to accurately estimate your lean body mass and body fat percentage. However, the scanner also tells us a list of other cool things like how much water you are holding and if there are any imbalances of muscle in your body. This scan will also give you insight on visceral fat levels. Visceral fat is how much fat you have located around your organs. If it is at high levels, you are associated with increased risk of chronic disease.

After being scanned, the coach will go over the results and give you a picture of where your body is at that moment. Next the coach discusses any fitness/health related goals you have and talks about four key things they may affect them.

Sleep. Nutrition. Exercise. Stress Management. 

These are the four main variables we focus on which affect health and fitness.

Member Check-Ins are included in the 3x/week and unlimited membership options. At Bellhouse CrossFit, we are committed to getting our members results. We set out to create a tribe of Humble, Hungry, Healthy people that kick-ass all the way until their 90s. 

Are you ready to join us? Give me a shout at 832-205-2537. You can also email me at  [email protected] if you are interested in a “No Sweat” intro to talk about what we offer and get you going in the direction of health and fitness. 

Yours in Health and Fitness,

Chris Sawyer (Owner/Coach)