What is CrossFit?


What is CrossFit?

    CrossFit is a movement methodology. It is defined as constantly varied, functional movement, executed at high intensity.

    Let us unpack that first. Movement is exercise. Exercise is health. I do not believe I need to explain why exercise is healthy. If so, you have stumbled upon a revelation today. A methodology is a framework. It is a blueprint. It is a way to condense theories into methods. So a movement methodology is… how to be healthy. CrossFit is a way to be healthy.

    Constantly Varied. This means the movements and exercises we do are different on a daily basis. You will squat, press, jump, pull, row, bike, run, lunge. One workout may have 100 dumbbell thrusters for time. Another workout may be to spend one minute on the bike, rower, and running for 5 rounds. Another workout may be to do 30-20-10 push ups and barbell deadlifts. These elegant combinations are constantly varied. The time domain of the workout, the rep scheme, the weights (or lack thereof) are each different. CrossFit’s workouts are different each day. 

    Functional Movement. This means we will perform exercises which have a direct carryover to real life. We are going to do things in the gym which help you be a stronger, leaner, more resilient human being. We are going to bulletproof you. We are going to target large muscle groups. When you pick something off the ground, you do a deadlift. When you put something overhead, you do a press. When you sit down and stand up, you do a squat. We see combinations of these movements in the gym to help you excel at life. Why do we care? Because life is unpredictable. You being healthy and ready to tackle life’s circumstances is one of our goals at Bellhouse. CrossFit’s workouts prepare you for the unknown and unknowable. 

    High Intensity. This means power. We workout fast. CrossFit is taught with the idea of mastering mechanics first. After we can do the movements properly, and for several reps, then we master consistency. Then and only then we layer on intensity. Intensity is the shortcut to results. It is the least common denominator for improving your fitness. Fitness is increased capacity to move large loads quickly (more on that later). Casually working out will not lead to better health or results. You must be intentional. We want you to see results and benefit from our coaching. To be intense in a workout means to raise the heart rate. This is correlated with improved bio markers such as lower resting heart rate, improved heart rate variability, better blood flow, and increased bone density. CrossFit’s workouts are fast and explosive.

Why does CrossFit succeed where other movement methodologies have failed to show results for many people? It is because CrossFit has defined fitness and shown measurable results since coming into the fitness industry during the mid-2000’s. Fitness is defined as work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains. There is no other workout routine which can beat the athletes doing CrossFit. When it comes to competing in work capacity, our athletes are the best. There is no argument anymore about the fittest athletes on the planet. CrossFit athletes are not specialists. We are not the fastest. We are not the strongest. We are not the most flexible. We are the most well rounded, bulletproof, and hard working bad asses on the planet. 

Are you ready to get started and train with intention? Email [email protected] to ask any questions about CrossFit and to begin your journey. At Bellhouse CrossFit, your health is our priority!