What is Nutrition Coaching?


What is Nutrition Coaching?

    Nutrition Coaching is an opportunity to receive one-on-one attention for your diet, habits, and performance. 

    What is a nutrition coach you ask? We are here to help you! That is weight loss for many. It can also be weight gain, muscle definition, improved sleep. Our list of expertise in helping you achieve your physical goal goes on and on. Just as your class coach, the nutrition coach spends time with you… but without distraction. When you sign up for nutrition coaching, you get at least 30 minutes twice a month to cover any nutrition questions you have and complete an InBody scan. We are also available to you via the myPT app or text messaging when you have a question about nutrition.

    We make an effort to talk to our nutrition clients throughout the week. We want you to know this journey does not have to be alone. You are paying for a high value service. We offer this premium service to you because we care about your results. If you do not see the results you are paying for, then stop paying! That won’t be a problem with us because we have seen our current clients lose fat and gain muscle since starting nutrition coaching in May. 

    During the nutrition consultation, you will discuss goals with the coach. Some clients want to lose body fat. Others may want to improve muscle definition or put on more muscle weight. Whatever the goal is, we will help you get there. We have already seen several clients experience success with weight loss and building muscle! The day to day habits nutrition coaching develops for you will stay as long as you practice them! We believe in a sustainable approach to nutrition coaching. I don’t want to put you on a restrictive diet to lose twenty pounds in a month only to put it all back on. Our hope is to support you in finding what works for you. The best diet will be that which you can see yourself doing in one year from now. 

    How long do you recommend nutrition coaching? We recommend three to six months. That is the proper amount of time to develop a habit you can stick with. We also believe you have spent a lot of time making your body the way it currently is. It will take some time to reverse the process. 

    Are you ready to begin nutrition coaching? Email [email protected] to begin the process. Blair will pair you with Josh Blasdel or himself, depending on your specific needs, schedule, and preference. Nutrition coaching is $180 per month.