What is Online Training?


What is Online Training?

Sign up by following this link! Once a coach receives it, you will get an email from TrueCoach to begin training.


Online training is another opportunity Bellhouse CrossFit offers to help members or non-members achieve results. Our current service is dedicated to helping knee longevity. The goal is to have zero pain in your knees. We also want this online training to help members bulletproof their body in ways we don’t have time to address during a group session.

    The Knee Ability online training is focused on bulletproofing your tissues from the ground up. We start with the ankles, then move to the knees and hips. Three times a week you will focus on the lower body. There are two dedicated days to improving range of motion, as well as optional upper body exercises. This may be the missing link to blasting past your plateau in the gym!

    Personal training may be how most people work on the holes in their game. Online training offers a different approach. We use the app TrueCoach to correct your form. Coach Blair is your point person for Knee Ability. This is popular in the fitness industry right now. For every 1 Chinese knee surgery, there are 19 American knee surgeries. There are parks dedicated to helping the elderly walk backwards in China. The number one cause of death in elderly is from falling. Did you know that walking backwards helps reduce the risk of falling? There is a need for this type of training.

    We offer Knee Ability to members and non-members. That means if you do not want to join us for group classes, you can still be trained by us. The price for Knee Ability to members is $20 per person/month. The cost for non-members is $50 per person/month. What an amazing value to help bulletproof your lower body! 

    If you want to learn more about Knee Ability, follow @athletictruthgroup or @kneesovertoesguy. Coach Blair is a member of the ATG for Coaches group and is working on becoming an Endorsed ATG coach so he can help more people get out of pain and back to loving life. We are spreading the truth that pain is a state you do not need to be in! 

    Are you interested in training, but don’t want to be in person? Consider the online training service. You will submit videos daily of your exercises and we will review your video, sending any feedback and comments to help you get better. Contact [email protected] for any questions. 

Follow this link to sign up! https://forms.gle/G1hpesik5UWNaNkw5