What is Personal Training?


What is Personal Training?

    Personal Training is individualized coaching. It is an opportunity to work one-on-one with one of the excellent staff here at Bellhouse CrossFit. We spend an hour together progressing towards your health and fitness goals.

    Personal Training looks different for each person. One athlete may want to tone their arms. Another athlete may want the one-on-one attention that group classes cannot provide. Another athlete may want some help on their double unders. For each of these examples, the coach will write up an individual session plan and implement it with the client.

    Here at Bellhouse CrossFit, our goal in offering PT sessions is to provide more value to you, our loyal members. The group class is our most discounted option. Personal training may be the logical next step in helping you reach your goals. 

    You can consult with Blair or Chris before or after a general class to decide whether or not personal training is right for you. Some members love attending the group classes to sweat and maintain their functional fitness. That is great! We love that you are making it to the gym at least an hour a day. For those of you that are not seeing the results you want, it may take longer in the group classes. To speed up the process, you can consider buying a personal training package to implement alongside your group sessions. 

    The hour-long session will be catered to you. It may still look like a group class, depending on your reason for training. For example, an athlete that prefers to be taught one-on-one will do a workout that is written for them, including the general and specific warm up… as well as teaching. This mirrors the group class session plan.

    Do you have an injury that scares you from working out? That is another solution that PT can offer. Personal training allows the coach and you to spend special time together getting to know your injury. We can make a plan for you to try at home, and can continue spending time together each week to ensure you are on track to healing and getting back to the life you love so much.

    Bellhouse CrossFit has a mission to impact the health of the individual, their family, and the community. We want to provide solutions to your health and fitness, not a bandaid or quick fix. We will help you reach your goals, because we value your time, money, and commitment to our brand. Every individual personal training session is priced at $75. The package for 12 sessions is valued at $810, which is $67.50 per hour. The package which includes 24 personal training sessions costs $1530, at $63.75 per hour. Book a session via the Wodify Athlete app!