Who is @kneesovertoesguy


Who is @kneesovertoesguy

Kneesovertoesguy has become a social media hit. His practice centers around knee ability. Get out of pain. Stay out of pain. Enjoy a pain free life with world class knee ability.

    You may have seen some kneesovertoesguy exercises during our general warm ups. Ben Patrick has reminded me and many other coaches that the tibialis, or the muscle attached to your tibia on the front of your shin, is an extremely overlooked muscle. Strengthening your tibialis not only looks good on the beach, but also helps to stabilize your ankle and knee. This is so important! Especially for us CrossFitters that put so much load  on our bodies with dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells.

    The long story short is that Ben had a gym before the pandemic and worked with many athletes. He helped his clients improve their L sit, their sled push, and their knee ability. These are uncommon when compared to pull ups, air squats, and thrusters, but just as important! You cannot judge your fitness just by the ability to do a workout as prescribed. Are you pain free? At Bellhouse CrossFit, your pain free ability to move the body how you want is a giant goal. Remember, we are developing you all to be badass and redefine health for yourself, your family, and the city you live in.

    Ben moved online during the pandemic and began Athletic Truth Group, an organization dedicated to educating the general population and coaches about pain free movement. Sometimes we need to slow down and rebuild our foundation in order to break through a plateau. Ben’s program helps you to do just that. Coach Blair and Coach Chris are both participating in Ben’s program so that we can bring it back to you, our valued members. 

    Other benefits of the kneesovertoesguy program is mobility. You have seen me talk about touching my own toes, and hear about how Chris is improving his mobility in a pike stretch. We have seen tremendous gains in the month since beginning. We have started to incorporate some of the stretches, or unloaded strength training into our warm ups and cool downs. 

    If you ever have any questions about how we program, how we coach, or what we think about pain free ability, please ask your coach. If you want some personal coaching to improve your own knee ability, reach out to Coach Blair and schedule a time to train with this link… https://calendly.com/bellhousecrossfit/personal-training