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    Welcome To Bellhouse CrossFit In Baytown, Texas

    BellHouse CrossFit in Baytown is focused on improving the lives of our clients. We offer a variety of classes for all different ages and fitness levels from beginner to expert. We are here to help people live better and healthier lives both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Our coaches are here to support you in your fitness goals by creating personalized programs based on your needs, abilities and goals. If you are looking to lose weight or just want to feel stronger we can help you reach those goals with our one-on-one nutrition coaching and guidance.

    What do people say about us?

    • BellHouse feels like family. I am able to participate in activities at my level of fitness but still feel challenged. I currently have no chronic medical conditions and I think staying active is the secret sauce to aging well. I can hike with my grown children and I can sit on the floor with my granddaughter. Being the grandmother that can keep up is very important to me and I think the varied fitness will assist with this goal. The feeling of acceptance here is genuine.

    • Bellhouse has brought me a new chapter, encouragement, self-love, a desire to be closer to family and God, and so much more! Thankful for all the dedicated coaches and the welcoming community at Bellhouse.

    • After starting CrossFit, I learned how to rehabilitate and care for my knees. I now am able to do basically anything due to the amazing community and especially coaches motivating me to continue to go to the gym and do better, and push myself. I even compete in the amazing sport of CrossFit and get to show off to many people, for a lot of people my age don’t do CrossFit.

    • BellHouse has brought me health both physically and mentally! There’s a mission that grounds this place to seek ALL individuals… the fit, the never worked out, and the “I’m too old for that” because this place is TRULY for everyone. BellHouse has helped me seek Jesus in the hardest times and the people here shine his light over you so you can’t help but to find hope and light in a dark season. I LOVE THIS FAMILY!

    • BellHouse has given me a place to belong. Moving here 3 years ago came with a new job, new area and no friends. Before finding BellHouse, I was very unhappy and unhealthy. I have created so many cherished friendships. No matter the level of fitness we ALL push each other to get better. This gym and community have impacted my life in such a positive way.




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    Call us: 832-926-6537

    312 Bob Smith Rd, Baytown, TX 77521