About The Gym

The Best Gym in Baytown

Why Bellhouse?

We are a gym for ALL people and ALL fitness journeys!

In our classes you’ll see members of all age groups from 60 to 18year olds working toward their personal fitness goals. We do this by tailoring each workout and the movements to each members lifestyle goals, whether that be carrying the grandkids or striving to compete in a sport.

ALL classes are led by a CrossFit trained coach from warm-up to cool down. They will ensure safe and efficient movement.

We prioritize FUN! Our community is filled with all different backgrounds and reasons they are here. Regardless of your WHY, your hour at BellHouse will be filled with laughs, lifts, and sweat!

Meet Our Team

Our talented coaches are dedicated to giving you the best hour of your day! Super insightful, experienced, and driven, we will help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. We have worked with people of every age, shape, size, and ability level, so no matter who you are, we’ve got what it takes to bring out the very best in you.

Success Stories

Matt Kirham

“I have lost 50 pounds since October 2019. I love the people here! Even in a full class of fourteen other members, the coach makes you feel like you are the only one. I am not just a number working out. The coach actually takes interest in me as a person and an athlete. If I am told to do something different, I trust Blair or Chris, and change the way I am moving. I feel safe.”

Kim Edwards

“Before coming here, I never lifted a barbell over my head. I needed help with groceries and carrying suitcases. Since coming to Bellhouse and being consistent with it, I feel stronger outside of the gym. I have more endurance and physical confidence. I have seen an increase in my physical activity outside of the gym too!”

Rene Espinosa

“I have lost about 20lbs since joining Bellhouse and I know I can lose more! I love the amount of energy I have. I always wanted to do things with my kids. I did not want to be tired or lazy. I have the ability to do those things now.”

Nancy Espinosa

“High cholesterol and diabetes run in my family, so I have strong genetic leanings towards chronic disease. I am taking control of my life. It drives me and motivates me to stay in the gym and work hard. I recently saw some acquaintances from twenty years ago, they hardly recognized me.”

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