CrossFit – Thu, Apr 11

Bellhouse Crossfit – CrossFit

Goblet of Fire (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Goblet Of Fire


40 AbMat Sit-ups

25/20 Calorie Bike

20 Dumbbell Goblet Reverse Lunges

10 Dumbbell Push Jerks (R)

10 Dumbbell Push Jerks (L)

Dumbbell: (50/35)

Sit Up Mods) 40 Alt V-ups

DB Mods) 35/25 lbs, 25/15 lbs

Warm up

General Flow

:15 – :20 each

Get out DBs

Arm circles forward

Arm circles backward

Up & overs / arm swings

Front to Back / arm wraps

Trunk twists flat feet

Trunk twists rotate foot

Quad walk

Knuckle drags

Reverse lunge w/ reach

Alternating spiderman


Sit ups

Down dog to push up