CrossFit – Thu, Apr 18

Bellhouse Crossfit – CrossFit

By Annie Means (Time)

“By Annie Means”


AbMat Sit-ups

Double Unders


Directly Into….


5 Rounds:

30 Push-ups

10 Strict Pull-ups


Time Cap: 25 Minutes

Movement Mods)

Jump Rope – Single Unders 75-60-45-30-15

Push Ups – Knee Push up, Barbell Push Up

Strict Pull Ups – 5-7 Strict pull ups, Banded strict pull ups, ring rows

Warm up

General Flow 0:20-0:30 Each

Sit up and reach

Lateral rope hops

Forward and back rope hops

Shoulder taps from plank

Scap retractions

Sit up and reach

Single unders

Knee push ups

Full push ups to

Full sit ups

Single unders

Full push ups