Lifting – Fri, Dec 30

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



7 sets for speed and load:

3 bottom-to-top front squats

– Rest 1:30 between sets.


For the bottom-to-top front squat (also called an Anderson Squat), set up pins or blocks to squat off of.

The bar should rest at a height that positions the hips below the knees when you rack the bar at the bottom of the squat.

Stand quickly and lower with control until the bar is fully resting on the pins or blocks after each rep.

Start around 40-50% of your 1-rep max front squat and build in load, but go no heavier than 70%.

For Accessory – I, complete each set unbroken and as quickly as possible.

Hold the DB in the front rack.


Every 3:00 for 3 sets:

:30 jump rope

10 walking lunge steps

10 lateral lunge steps

10 good mornings (empty bar)

10 front squats

2 sets:

5 bottom-to-bottom goblet squats

– Hold the bottom for :03.

– Add load as desired.

3 sets:

3 bottom-to-top front squats

– Build in load and rest as needed.


3 sets:

30 single-DB walking lunges (35/50 lb)

– Rest 2:00 between sets.

– Increase load as desired.