Lifting – Fri, Mar 24

Bell House Fitness – Lifting

03.24.23 (No Measure)


Front squat:

– Build to a 3-rep-max.

– Rest 2:00-3:00 between attempts.


In our final week of this lifting cycle, each day’s volume is a little lower to prioritize lifting as heavy as possible on the Main Lifts.

For the Main Lift, build to a 3-rep-max front squat. Take the full 3:00 of rest between your heaviest sets and only make an attempt at a failed set once.

If you fail a load a second time, reduce the weight and perform 2 drop sets of 3 reps at 80-90% of your heaviest set of the day.

For Accessory – I, use a load that feels manageable in the early sets and heavier towards the final 3 sets.

Prioritize Keeping the chest up and the shoulders rising with the hips in the initial pull.


3 sets:

10 “T” push-ups

10 alternating cossack squats

5 pause goblet squats

5 goblet squats

– Build in load on the cossack and goblet squat variations.

1 set:

10 laying hip crossovers

10 squat-to-stands

Every 1:30 x 6 sets:

5 front squats (building)

– Build in load in small jumps before starting your triples.


Every 1:30 x 7 sets:

5 deficit deadlifts (2 in)

– Use the same load across (50-60%).