Lifting – Mon, Jan 23

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



On a 20:00 clock:

Build to a 1-rep max split jerk


This is the final week of this 4-week cycle.

Build up to 70-80% of your 1-rep-max split jerk and then take as many attempts as needed to find a heavy single for the day.

If you fail the same load 3x in a row, reduce the weight by 10-20% and perform 1-3 high-quality reps.

Prioritize attempting small PRs (1-5 lbs). Then, use any remaining time to attempt additional PRs.

In Accessory I – Rest 2:00 between sets and focus on standing out of the bottom of each rep as fast as possible.


3 sets:

1:00 row

:20 scap pull-ups

10 shoulder presses (building)

5 seated box jumps for max-height

1 set:

5 pause split jerks

5 split jerks

– Use an empty barbell.


1 pause split jerk + 1 split jerk (20-50%)

– Pause in the dip.

– Add load once every 3 minutes.

3-4 sets:

1 pause split jerk + 1 split jerk

– Build in load to 70-80%.


5 sets for load:

5 back squats

– Use 50% of your 1-rep-max.