Lifting – Sat, Sep 17

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



Every 1:30 x 8 sets:

3 box squats (80%)

– Target just above parallel.


This is the third week of our final four-week mini-cycle. Focus on speed and stamina with each box squat. If the weight is too heavy to move quickly for all three reps, reduce it.

Rest with your remaining time in the minute.

The target should be placed just above parallel. Use a solid box or a bench.

Base the percentage off of your 1-rep max.

In Accessory – I, the suggested weight is added to the sled. In order to pull the sled, add a rope to it. Keep the rope on the sled while you push and then pull the sled. The pull should be a backpedal, not an over-the-shoulder drag.

Move as fast as possible on the sled push and pull.

Use the heaviest bag possible for the sandbag hold. Make sure you can hold for the entire :30 interval. This should be challenging.


3 sets:

1:00 bike, row, skierg, or run

10 alternating spiderman stretches

10 leg swings/leg (across body)

10 good mornings

10 air squats

1 set:

10 box squats (empty barbell or training bar)

5 box squats (add 10-45 lb to each side)

5 box squats (add 10-45 lb to each side)

3 box squats (add 10-45 lb to each side)

– Your next weight should be your starting weight.

– Take weight out of a rack.


5 sets:

75-ft sled push (50/90 lb)

75-ft sled pull

:30 sandbag hold at chest (100/150 lb)

– Rest 2:00 between sets.