Lifting – Thu, Sep 8

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



Every 1:00 x 12 sets:

3 shoulder presses (75%) NOTES

This is the second week in our final four-week mini-cycle. Focus on speed and stamina with each shoulder press. If the weight is too heavy to move quickly for all three reps, reduce it.

Rest with your remaining time in the minute.

Base the percentage off of your 1-rep max.

In Accessory I, add weight to the ring pull-ups if 6 reps are too easy. These should be performed strict. Use a bench or post to support yourself as the opposite arm rows on the single-arm DB rows. Find a weight that will allow you to do all 12 unbroken each round. The ring dips should be unbroken (use a band if necessary). Focus on quality rather than time.


3 sets:

1:00 bike, row, skierg, or run

10 PVC pass-throughs

10 ATY raises (with small DB or plates)

10 push-up to down dogs

10 PVC strict presses

1 set:

10 shoulder presses (empty barbell or training bar)

5 shoulder presses (add 10-25 lb to each side)

5 shoulder presses (add 10-25 lb to each side)

3 shoulder presses (add 10-25 lb to each side)

– Your next weight should be your starting weight.


5 rounds for time:

6 ring pull-ups

9 ring dips

12 single-arm DB rows/arm (35/50 lb)