Lifting – Wed, Feb 15

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



5 sets for load:

3 push press

3 drop sets:

2 push presses

– Use 90% of your best set of 3.


All sets should be unbroken. Adjust the loading accordingly if needed.

Today’s goal is around 80-90% of your last previous 1-rep. If you can do more, go for it!

Drop sets should be clean and crisp.

In Accessory – I, rest as needed and build to your heaviest set of 10. Use an empty barbell, and keep your hands in a normal pressing grip on the bar.

In Accessory – II, add weight to the ring pull-ups if the 6 reps are too easy. Perform strict ring pull-ups. Use a bench or post to support yourself as the opposite-arm works on the single-arm rows. Find a weight that will allow you to do all 12 unbroken each round. The ring dips should be unbroken (use a band if necessary). Focus on quality rather than time.


3 sets:

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

5 piked push-ups

10 bent-over T-raises

10 standing snow-angel raises

1 set:

10 push presses (empty barbell or training bar)

5 push presses (30%)

3 push presses (40%)

3 push presses (50%)

3 push presses (60%)

– Take weight out of a rack.


3 sets for load:

10 behind the neck strict presses


5 rounds for time:

6 ring pull-ups

9 ring dips

12 single-arm DB rows/arm (35/50 lb)