Mayhem Affiliate 08/08/2023

Bell House Fitness – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation

Crossover Symmetry or Banded 7’s + Hip Halo warm-up


3 sets:

5 Clean Grip Deadlifts

5 Muscle Clean + Strict Press

5 Hang Squat Clean

5 Push Press

5 Squat Clean and Push Jerks

* perform with a PVC pipe or empty bar *

2. Strength Prep

Take 10-12 minutes to find a heavy Clean + Push Jerk. A Squat Clean is preferred, but adjust to a Power Clean as needed.

3. Workout Prep

2 sets:

3 Pull Ups

3 Push Ups


Clean & Push Jerk

1RM Squat Clean and Push Jerk

* rest as needed between lifts *


Workout (Time)

Scotty Smalls

Freedom (RX’d)

10 Rounds

10 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups


10 Rounds

7 Pull Ups

7 Push Ups


10 Rounds

5 Jumping Pull Ups

5 Bar Push Ups

Target time: 7-9 minutes

Time cap: 12 minutes


Mobility (Checkmark)

1 min foot smash with lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min pec smash on rig with lacrosse ball (each side)

1 min foam roll lats (each side)