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Nutrition Coaching


No matter how much we focus on our exercise, sleep, and stress management, if we do not eat the right foods we will not get the results we want.

Did you know that 2/3rds of people that report they are “Dieting” to lose weight, end up gaining more weight than they initially lost?

Here at Bellhouse we take a Habits based approach to our nutrition coaching. We do not promote strict meal plan or fad diets that are not sustainable for longevity. Instead, we take the bigger picture approach to help you change your perception of what balanced nutrition is and your relationship with food. Through accountability and knowledgeable coaching, we can help you get the lasting results you have been looking for.

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Our nutrition coaches will reach out to you shortly to schedule a 20-minute Free phone consultation. During this call you will get an overview of what your nutrition journey will look like.

Step 3

You and your nutrition coach will then schedule an hour to sit down to discuss your short- and long-term goals and current nutrition habits. You will take initial body metrics/InBody scan and discuss appropriate new tools to implement into your daily routine.

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