Success Stories

Matt Kirham

“I have lost 50 pounds since October 2019. I love the people here! Even in a full class of fourteen other members, the coach makes you feel like you are the only one. I am not just a number working out. The coach actually takes interest in me as a person and an athlete. If I am told to do something different, I trust Blair or Chris, and change the way I am moving. I feel safe.”

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Kim Edwards

“Before coming here, I never lifted a barbell over my head. I needed help with groceries and carrying suitcases. Since coming to Bellhouse and being consistent with it, I feel stronger outside of the gym. I have more endurance and physical confidence. I have seen an increase in my physical activity outside of the gym too!”

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Rene Espinosa

“I have lost about 20lbs since joining Bellhouse and I know I can lose more! I love the amount of energy I have. I always wanted to do things with my kids. I did not want to be tired or lazy. I have the ability to do those things now.”

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Nancy Espinosa

“High cholesterol and diabetes run in my family, so I have strong genetic leanings towards chronic disease. I am taking control of my life. It drives me and motivates me to stay in the gym and work hard. I recently saw some acquaintances from twenty years ago, they hardly recognized me.”

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