Active Recovery Before “Murph”

Bell House Fitness – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

Upper Body

1. Puppy Pose: 1 Minute

2. Shoulder to Floor: 1 Minute Each Side

3. Wrist Stretches: 1 Minute

Lower Body

1. Couch Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side

2. Pigeon Pose: 2 Minutes Each Side

3. Butterfly: 90 Seconds

4. Pike: 1 Minute

5. Straddle: 1 Minute

6. Kneeling Split: 1 Minute

Metcon (No Measure)

10min. For Quality

50/35 cal Bike

40 burpees

2min. Rest

10min. For Quality

50/35 Cal Row

40 alt. box step ups

• Getting sweaty and working the metabolic conditioning in this active recovery piece

• With it being active recovery, let’s keep the intensity low and the quality high

• Let’s work to keep a steady heart rate throughout the entire workout

• Standard burpees here, full hip extension at the top and chest to the ground at the bottom

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