Lifting – Fri, Sep 2

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



EMOM 12:

Min 1-4 | 2 power snatches (60%)

Min 5-8 | 2 power snatches (63%)

Min 9-12 | 2 power snatches (65%)


Welcome to week nine of this lifting cycle. Since we started this cycle, we have been working our way from the hang position back to the floor with the full power clean and snatch.

The pull off the floor is going to seem to take forever. Be patient with your first pull, and allow the bar to get as high on the thighs as possible. Then be aggressive with the second and third pulls.

The 2-reps should be touch and go and as fast as possible while maintaining solid technique.

Base the percentages off of your 1-rep max.

Rest with your remaining time in the minute.

In Accessory – I, use around 90% of your 1-rep max power snatch. For this movement, you will pass slightly below your knee for 2 seconds before completing the rest of the movement. Focus on maintaining proper positions throughout the entire lift.

In Accessory – II, use around 60% of your 1-rep max power snatch. Perform these movements as a superset, one movement right after the other. The snatch grip RDL will feel light in comparison to the push press.



2 sets:

1:00 ski

1:00 row

:30 side plank hold/side


3-5 seated box jump

– Increase height each minute.

1 set:

5 hang muscle snatch (empty barbell or training bar)

5 tall power snatch

5 high hang power snatch

5 power snatch

3 sets:

3 power snatch

– Build in load at 3 reps/set before switching to 2s.


5 sets:

5 paused snatch pulls

– Use 90% of your 1-RM.

– Pause slightly below your knee for 2 seconds before standing.


Every 2:30 for 4 sets:

5 snatch grip push presses

15 snatch grip RDLs

– Loading should be 60%+ of your 1-rep max snatch. Use the same load for both movements. Increase loading as needed across sets.