Lifting – Sat, Jan 7

Bell House Fitness – Lifting



3 sets for load:

2 dip squat cleans

1 hang squat clean

– Dip is from the hip, and the hang is from above the knee.

2 drop sets:

1 complex @ 95%

1 complex @ 90%


For the Main Lift, perform 3 heavy sets of the complex, building in load. Leave 10-20 lbs in the tank, versus going as heavy as possible.

Maintain a vertical torso for the dip squat cleans, but lean the torso forward OVER the bar for the hang squat clean.

Perform 2 additional drop sets at 95% and 90% of your heaviest set of the day.

Rest 3:00 between sets.

For Accessory – I, complete all squats within the prescribed percentage range. Rest 3:00 between sets and focus on standing the bar up quickly.

For Accessory – II, use a medicine ball to add load to the GHD hip extensions. Complete the :15 hold at the top of the 10th rep.



:30 bike

3-5 burpees

– Complete both each minute.

2 sets:

10 hamstring scoops/leg

3 pause front squats

3 front squats

3 tall cleans

3 dip squat cleans

3 hang squat cleans

– Use an empty barbell.

3-4 sets:

2 dip squat cleans

1 hang squat clean

– Build in load to just under your first working set.


3 sets for load:

3 front squats

– All sets between 70-85% of 1-rep max.


4 sets:

10 weighted GHD hip extensions

:15 weighted GHD hip ext. hold

15 Russian KB swings (heavy)

– Athlete chooses loads.

– Rest 2:00 between sets.