Lifting – Thu, Nov 17

Bell House Fitness – Lifting

Front Squat (MAIN LIFT
3 sets:
3 front squats
– Building to your heaviest set of 3.)


Welcome to week 7 of our final weightlifting cycle for the year. This week, we are once again increasing the loading for both the clean and snatch. Weights are starting to become really heavy. Now more than ever, you need to focus on mechanics to make these lifts happen. The goal for today is to focus on standing with your chest up. Don’t let your hips rise too soon off the floor.

Increase the loading on the barbell for both the shoulder presses and front squats this week. Last week, we build to a heavy 5 reps, and this week we’re building to a heavy 3 reps. Aim to build to round 90%+ of your 1-rep max!

In Accessory – I, use a sandbag that allows to go unbroken. Perform 20 reps total and alternate each step. Pick a rep scheme on the GHD sit-ups that challenges you but allows you to go unbroken as well. Rest 2:00 after each set.


1 set:

800-m run

2 sets:

1:00 couch stretch (each leg)

1:00 frog stretch

1:00 back-rack elbow rotations

1 set:


3:00 in the bottom of an air squat

1 set:

10 front squats (empty bar)

5 front squats (building in weight)

5 front squats (building in weight)

3 front squats (building in weight)

– Your next weight should be your starting weight.


4 sets:

20 sandbag lunges (100/150 lb)

25 GHD sit-ups