Lifting – Wed, Aug 24

Bell House Fitness – Lifting

Hang Power Snatch (MAIN LIFT
For load:
2 hang power snatches
– Build to a 2-rep max.)


This is the eighth week in our third cycle. The goal is to test how well focusing on speed at submaximal loads contributes to our 2-rep hang power snatch.

Base the percentages on a recent 1-rep max.

Lift as heavy as possible for 2 unbroken reps.

Keep the bar above the knee for all reps.

Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets, and take no more than 2 attempts at a single weight if you fail a set.

This should take around 15:00-20:00+ to complete.

In Accessory – I, Use the same load for each set of work. Rest 1:00 exactly between movements, and look to increase load each round.


2 sets:

1:00 ski

1:00 row

:30 side plank hold/side


3-5 seated box jump

– Increase height each minute.

1 set:

5 hang muscle snatch (empty barbell or training bar)

5 tall power snatch (empty barbell or training bar)

5 high hang power snatch (empty barbell or training bar)

3 sets:

5 hang power snatch

– Build in load at 3 reps/set before switching to 2s.


3 sets for load:

10 snatch grip bent over rows

10 SOTS presses

– Rest 1:00 between movements.