Lifting – Wed, Feb 8


Lifting – Wed, Feb 8

Bell House Fitness – Lifting

02.08.23 (No Measure)


3 sets for load:

5 push press

3 drop sets:

2 push presses

– Use 90% of your best set of 5. NOTES

All sets should be unbroken. Adjust the loading accordingly if the designated percentage won’t allow this.

Today’s goal is around 75-80% of your last previous 1-rep. If you can do more, go for it!

Drop sets should be clean and crisp.

In Accessory – I, rest as needed and build to your heaviest set of 20. Use two dumbbells and alternate which arm is pressing. At the end of the set, each arm will have done 10 reps.

In Accessory – II, use a narrower grip for the chin-ups than you normally use for pull-ups. Use a wider grip for your wide-grip pull-ups. Increase the weight on the renegade rows over as many sets as possible.


3 sets:

20 jumping jacks

5 push-ups

5 piked push-ups

10 bent-over T-raises

10 standing snow-angel raises

1 set:

10 push presses (empty barbell or training bar)

5 push presses (30%)

5 push presses (40%)

5 push presses (50%)

– Take weight out of a rack.


3 sets for load:

20 alternating DB strict presses


5 sets:

5 chin-ups (supinated grip)

5 wide-grip pull-ups (pronated grip)

10 alternating DB renegade rows